I am a London based graphic designer – honest, friendly, professional and above all have a real passion for what I do.
Over the past 5 years I have matured my creative approach
to branding, developing new brands and invigorating those already existing. Working well in a team, or on my own, I strive
to create the best work possible, understanding the needs
of a broad base of clients and providing them with the creative solutions to achieve the results they require.

I am very much an all-rounder with skills in design, web design, print design, and 2D animation. I can work my way around the Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and AfterEffects. I’m pretty good at making a cuppa too. And cake. I am great at making cake.

Jo Blogs

As well as having a passion for design and all it encompasses,
I also quite like food. All the food in fact. Aside from mass office baking, I particularly enjoy making healthy food that
is really delicious. I decided to start documenting my recipes
in case you wondered how to use an avocado to make
healthy chocolate mousse.

I mean recipe creation is all about being creative. It’s a little different to my everyday job – but it is thought about, planned, designed, developed, trialled, tested, tweaked and eventually there is a great result. You can have a look at what I have been eating here.